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The Sacral Chakra (Svadhishthana)

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The Sacral Chakra, or Svadhishthana in Sanskrit means "where your being is established." "Swa" means self and "adhishthana" means "dwelling place" according to Hindu Tantrism. It is the second primary chakra and is located above the pubic bone and below the navel and radiates the color orange and represents the element of water. The sacral chakra is considered to be responsible for relationships, sexuality, creativity, intuitiveness, self-worth, compassion, seeing beauty all around you, and adaptability.

The sacral chakra regulates kidneys, sex glands, reproductive system, bladder, bowel, and lower intestines. Along with that the sacral chakra’s characteristics are being creative, playful, and passionate about life.

If there is an imbalance in your sacral chakra you may experience emotional outbursts, a lack of creativity, sex-obsessed thoughts, addictions, guilt, lack of motivation, obssessive attachments, hormone issues, and unworthiness. It is also known to harbor feelings of fear.

Sacral Chakra: "I feel"

Location: Approximately two inches below the belly button

Color: Orange

Element: Water

Mantra: "Vam"

Glands: Reproductive Organs

Aura: Emotional Body

Crystals & Stones: Carnelian, Amber, Orange Calcite, Sunstone, Fire Agate

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